Diaries and sketch books

Kathryn has kept diaries and sketch books of all of her travels for over 30 years. They are the record of everything she has seen and experienced and form the foundation of all her artwork.

‘When arriving here in the mini bus yesterday one of the most striking features is the amount of sculptures which dominate the numerous park areas – big striking statements. And secondly are the murals which are raw, energetic and dynamic.’

‘At 6.30am I got up and went exploring down a sandy track, marked by a hand painted wooden sign nailed to a tree ‘Mandraki Beach – this way’

‘My time on this island has been wonderful – if I could record the sound track to my trip, it would be the sound of cicadas, the sea on the shore, and my flip flops walking on the sand tracks.’

‘…all the marvellous stalls with bells, shining things, heaps of jewellery, beautiful tapestries, batiks and embroideries, tie-dyed shawls and scarves, incense burning everywhere, magnificent colours, sandals, and sari fabric shops.’ (India 1988)